Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Equatorial Heat & Sandy Feet

Leaving our doggie of course, along with friends and family was the hardest part of undertaking what most would consider a chance of a lifetime; working in remote and coastal Indonesia. Of course the usual fears of tropic remoteness loomed but now we are here those fears are replaced with awe and an increasingly overwhelming sense of relaxation...but we still miss our dog!

The Mentawai Island chain sits off the coast of Sumatra and is only accessible by boat, a four hour minimum ferry ride to the outer islands. The largest island nearest to Pitstop Hill (our place of residence) is Pulau Siberut. The people of the Mentawai chain have enjoyed a lifestyle relatively devoid of rampant technology and this continues to be the way, but for how long? 

The days are long, hot and slow. Between the lethargic sway of palm fronds another island shimmers off in the distance and barely discernible palms trees mirror our own circular paradise. The place is surreal and post card moments display themselves at every turn of the head. 

A place infused with vibrancy and raw nature.


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  1. What an amazing opportunity to be there, stuff of dreams. The colour of the water and the lush tropical green is awe inspiring. All the best.