Saturday, September 15, 2012

What We're Actually Doing...

We've been here just over seven weeks now and time has flown. With guests coming and going and all the work in-between, it's hard to believe our stay is almost over! Before we know it, we will be back in Byron Bay for a small visit and to pick up our darling pooch, and then home to sweet Tasmania. We have actually been away from our island state for five years now, which has also gone by very quickly. Too quickly! 

Anyway, I thought i'd better write a little about what we do here at Pitstop Hill before it's all over and we're back in icy Hobart and all motivation is gone...

Alasdair is a surf guide. He takes the guests out on the boats and they go searching for ombak besar (big waves). Sometimes, if the waves are small they'll go fishing or go for walks but that's not often.  He also films a little and takes photos. And surfs. 

I help out in the bar and around the guesthouse, making pots of Sumartran coffee and cracking Bintang cans when required. I get up before six in the morning to open up the main rumah (house) and to put the kettle on. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared around the surf, meaning jam karet (time is rubber, flexible...whenever). 

When the guys go out on the boat, I am free to go for swims, read... just potter. Things I don't usually get to do at home...

We love working here.

(The above image is of me, captured by Alasdair). 

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